Hey Lenny!!! Hey! Hey!!*whispers* I know what you did last night with Kaito and Mikuo ¨.W.

“What even happened last night.”


Korrasami in a delinquent AU for my commissions signal boost!

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Title: 03. Love the warz – rearranged -
Album: Dragon Night


I grabbed some palettes from all over and made a big fat list of them because I’m starting the color palette challenge. So send me a number and a character and I’ll (possibly, depends on time and junk) draw them in that color scheme. 

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Title: 第一次ジブン戦争
Artist: HoneyWorks
What you do if a banana speak to you?

No I joke………


Well, hello Mister Kagamine, hope you enjoy your visit to my blog ( ´ ` )

I hope this doesn’t strike as something odd to you…. And there’s a lot of other vocaloid(s) who has their own askblogs.

((doodles in cintiq lab while having class))

still on hiatus!

(( Actually I’ll always be on hiatus but I won’t be drawing anything on two of my askblogs this months since my laptop is still under repair and I have to complete all my art pla t es //stares into sunset// I’m trying to finish 1200 poses for my figure drawing and four animation plates bye world. I also only draw things at school since I use the cintiqs at school during my spare time every Wednesday ; w ; and i use ps and not sai and im not used to it hence my art is iffy))

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